Garden Irrigation Systems

Help realise the potential of your landscape and give yourself one less thing to worry about. By installing an automated irrigation system you’ll save yourself hours of time and your plants will love you for it!

Not only is it a great time-saver, but drip irrigation systems are also the most effective way to water your plants. By controlling the water supply to your plants we can ensure they are the happiest and the healthiest they can be and ensure they thrive and reach their full potential.

Drip Feed Water Irrigation

In a humid Sydney climate, this system is an effective way to get water to the plant’s roots while keeping the leaves dry, which reduces plant disease and fungus.

Automated Garden Irrigation Sutherland Shire

Water will be delivered where it is most needed, with no overspray or waste.

DSE Landscapes can also install completely automatic sprinkler irrigation systems to take the guesswork out of watering your garden. These systems include rain and moisture sensors that cut off your irrigation sprinkler system when the soil is damp, eliminating overwatering.

These systems help you save time and money by reducing the amount of time it takes to maintain your garden, reducing water waste, and promoting luxuriant growth.

Irrigation Installation & Repairs

Water is required for a great garden to thrive. Watering systems and drainage are responsible for 70% of all plant and grass success. DSE Landscapes designs and installs sprinkler systems for Sydney homes and gardens, including automated irrigation systems and drip feed irrigation systems.

DSE Landscapes can also assist you with any repairs or adjustments to your garden irrigation systems. Your water irrigation system can also be connected to your new tank or other water sources.

Garden And Landscape Lighting Installation

Why only enjoy your new landscaping during the day? DSE Landscapes can design and install lighting to help you enjoy your new landscapes no matter what time of day!

We work with the latest products to highlight the features of your yard and ensure that entryways are well lit for your safety and peace of mind. Taking advantage of the latest energy-efficient products, garden lighting need not cost a fortune.

Illuminate Your Garden With Landscape Lighting

Entertain outside all year round with some new garden lighting. Whether it is to add lighting over your pool, light up a specific garden feature, add it to your patio or even if you just want to light up pathways and driveways for a more visible entryway then DSE Landscaping can help.

Our lighting specialists will work with you to define your lighting purpose, supply an electrical plan and give you options on colour ranges and styles for your budget and lifestyle.



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