Need To Spruce Up Your Garden With Some New Turf?

Is yours looking a little tired and sparse? Turf is a fundamental part of every Australian yard. Perfect for the backyard cricket game or football match, your lawn is often the most loved yet worst treated feature of your yard.

At DSE Landscapes we have the expertise to help resurrect your lawn and with new varieties of turf, keeping it green and lush is no longer a full-time job.

We can advise on the best course of action for your yard whether it be some much-needed TLC or a complete overhaul.

Looking To Add Plants To Your Outdoor Space?

At DSE Landscapes we believe that plants are the most important feature of any outdoor space. They bring balance to a landscape and create character and ambience.

We believe in truly listening to you and working with you to choose the perfect plants for your needs, whether it be combing plant colours and textures to create street appeal, creating a tropical oasis around your pool or a low-maintenance yet beautiful garden.

Let our landscaping contractors Sydney pick the right plants for you to turn your garden into your very own outdoor oasis.


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