Landscape Water Tanks

Why not couple your new irrigation system with a rainwater tank? They are great for the environment and the back pocket! With a huge range of styles and colours available, why not be stylish and environmentally conscious at the same time!

At DSE Landscapes we can advise on the best product for your needs as well as supply and install it.

Go ahead and do yourself and Mother Nature a favour today.

Benefits Of Installing A Garden Water Tank

Alongside the obvious water-saving benefits of installing a water tank for your garden, there are a variety of other perks to adding one to your landscape!

Less Erosion & Flooding

Installing a water tank can help stop erosion from stormwater runoff through your garden. If you have raised garden beds and/or retaining walls, a slight imbalance in the ground level can pool water during heavy rainfall. If you opt for a water tank with effective guttering and collection channels, you can divert a lot of this water and collect it into a tank for later use.

Lower Water Bill

This is a huge benefit to have a tank installed and is a primary reason for most of our clients. If you have a large backyard and require a constant supply of water to keep everything looking green and lush, installing a tank can dramatically decrease the cost of your water bill and also save your gardens during periods of water restrictions and drought.

Perfect For Non-Drinkable Purposes

Aside from using it on your garden beds and lawns, rainwater can also be used for filling up swimming pools, washing your car, bathing your pet or even for using in your home for laundry and toilet purposes.

Better For Your Plants

As rainwater is not treated, it can include many natural components that can help the health of your plants. Using rainwater from a tank can eliminate the chlorination and salt build up in your soil, that you may get from treated water.

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Rainwater Tank Installation Services

Rainwater tanks have been quite popular in recent years since they provide a sense of self-sustainability to your house and allow you to water your garden, wash your car, and top up your swimming pool even during droughts and water restrictions.

At our landscaping company Sydney, we can help you get all the benefits of having a water tank as well as incorporating the design to fit with the aesthetics of your home and garden!

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